The Dead Twelve Milkmen Monkeys

I was randomly listening to some old songs from the 80’s, when the lyrics from “Punk Rock Girl,” by the Dead Milkmen. jumped into my head.

Note: this is the only song I know by the Dead Milkmen.

Things I learned only three minutes ago: the group’s name was based on Toni Morrison’s Song of Solomon.

A child of the MTV generation, images of their music video immediately flashed before my eyes. And I was able to track down a version of the video on YouTube:

As I was watching this video and feeling like I was kneeling on the carpet in my parents’ living room, something struck me as kind of odd. I was looking at the background, at where the band was recording this video.

It looked familiar, somehow.

After a few more tickets, I began to wonder: is that location the same place where Bruce Willis winds up in 12 Monkeys?

The insane asylum where he first encounters Brad Pitt?

A little more digging: Yes! It’s the same place: Eastern State Penitentiary, in Philadelphia.

Where, apparently, lots of films and music videos have taken place.

This was a first: a bit of nostalgia triggering a slightly different moment of nostalgia. A very odd sensation, thinking about time like that. And somewhat appropriate, given that one of those moments involved 12 Monkeys.

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