A Trek to Botany Pond

Though we’ve been in Hyde Park for some time, Liz and I haven’t really explored much of the nearby University of Chicago. After work, we decided to go for a little trek – and to see if we could find “that duck pond” that we’ve heard about.

On arriving, it’s not just a simple, circular bit of water – it’s a very involved space! Complete with a bit of a bridge:

Liz and I found a stone bench, tucked a bit away from the pond, where we sat and just watched. And listened.

If you’re curious to learn more, Botany Pond has a live webcam.

We spent a bit of time just wandering around the campus.

Was reminded a bit of OSU’s Oval (with slightly more trees).

Near a trash can, a smaller trash can for… hot coals? We weren’t sure if this was for some nearby science building/department, or just some grad students who really, really liked grilling during office hours.

Empty Buses

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