The Pasta Yia Yia Kit

I don’t have a good photo of this whole process, so this is about as good as it’s gonna get.

While we were out on our errands the other day, we stopped at Lula’s to pick up some pasta. I learned that they were selling “Pasta Yia Yia kits” for folks to make at home, and it seemed like a lovely way to support them, and to give ourselves a bit of a treat.

I’ve still be working long hours this week, and Liz was doing double duty this evening. I stopped work a bit early, and just fell asleep in bed while she fed the bunnies and did the whole pasta kit, start to finish. There were four different sauce/phases, and it really seemed like an involved process.

Lucky me, I just woke up to a bowl of pasta. And it was delightful.

A bit later in the evening, the butter and heavy cream did me a bad turn. But really, was it that much of a price to pay, for such delicious pasta?

Lula’s was such a staple for us, back when we lived in Logan Square. For brunch as well as dinner. And this dish really is something I do long for, and am happy to have had again.

With us so far away in Hyde Park, it’s difficult to make it up there to eat. Doubly so now, with Coronavirus. Making their food in our home seems the next best thing.

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