Ellie (The Last of Us, Part 2): Take on Me

It’s been a long while since I’ve played “The Last of Us Part 2,” but I’ve found myself returning to this cover of “Take On Me” that exists in the game. I grew up with the song as a kid, but I’m finding that the slow covers of this song are really my thing.

While I’m enjoying the game, this sequel really doesn’t quite have the same draw as the original for me (though honestly how could it). It’s a revenge epic so far, and I’m not necessarily happy with the progression of Ellie’s character.

This song/moment was a nice reprieve. And I’ve played this several times over, since I last played the game. I like how the slower version makes me pause and focus a bit more on the lyrics.

Also? Big fan of this A.C. Newman cover as well:

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