Living Room Floor Demo, Day 1

We’re looking to hit a certain schedule, to get our new floors in on the first floor. While we aim to have someone come in and level our floors for us… what we need to do before they arrive is to remove two layers of the existing flooring.

Similar to what we did in the dining room, this weekend my goal was to remove the thin top layer, and the secondary layer below. Underneath both of those is the substrate… but we’re leaving that for the flooring guys to remove.

As I was working in the living room, Liz was hard at work cleaning and repairing the upstairs bathroom (on her vacation week, no less).

The floor, before getting to work.

A few layers removed. Slow, but steady.

More of the thin, top layer removed. A bit of a pain, but good progress.

Top layer totally removed. A big annoyance: a lot of nails were still sticking up, all across the floor. But it made no sense to remove those, as this whole layer needed to get removed anyways.

Crowbar in repose.

Secondary layer removal started, with substrate underneath. I got about halfway through the room before I had to tap out and call it a day. Really exhausting work, and I was totally spent by the time I stopped.

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  1. Wow great progress. I’m the Kiwi who asked about thatch removal from the lawn in spring, ages ago. Just wanted to comment that my brain has created a false sense of relationship and I keep thinking I should be invited to your house warming when your renovations are finished – clearly ridiculous! Also, I recommended Darkest Dungeon to my husband (years ago) based on your review post and he has been enjoying playing it ever since. Cheers!

    Angela Reply

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