Oh Yeah, I Should Probably Get That Tetanus Shot

I totally forgot that I stepped on a nail yesterday, when I was working on pulling up the floor in the living room. It was painful (the nail went through my boot), and I yelped… but it wasn’t a super deep puncture. But I do believe it did puncture the skin slightly.

I was smart enough to drop a message to my doctor via MyChart, and I got a message back from him – suggesting I visit a Northwestern Urgent Care to get the wound looked at, and to also get a Tetanus shot. But I didn’t see this until the end of the day, after forgetting all about it for most of the day.

I’ll plan on a call to the doc tomorrow AM, and then likely figuring out where I can go to get this done. I put in a call to Walgreen’s and found out they do tetanus shots, but after talking to the person fielding my questions… I, uh, really have zero interest in letting that guy stick a needle in my arm.

Timing-wise, I think I’m still fine for the shot. Wish I would have remembered today, but the work day took over and I just plumb forgot. It’s been more than 10 years since my last shot, so I’m due. And with the work we’re doing in the main hall area this week, there are nails a-plenty… so it wouldn’t hurt to get covered.

Note: the nails in the photo above are huge, and much larger than the finishing nail I actually stepped on.

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