A lot of work tonight, both upstairs and downstairs.

I continued work on the bunny closet, down in the main hall area. We’re pulling up the floor this weekend, and so the more actual demo we can get done before then, the better.

Pulled down a lot of the studs, and a lot of the closet frame. A bit of plaster as well.

There is precious little support, in this area of the floor. No wonder it sags so much, when I walk over it. Frightening.

Upstairs, Liz has been continuing her work on the second floor bathroom. She’s been off on vacation all this week, and has been using that time to really upgrade our bathroom.

She’s been hard at work up here since last weekend, and finally got to a stopping point tonight.

This photo doesn’t really do the room justice. It’s like a completely different bathroom!

It’s going to change, of course, when we start work on the second floor. But until then, it’s a reset and upgrade. Liz did an incredible amount of work here, and it feels like (and really is) a completely new room.

Prepping the New Bunny Area
The Bunnies Return!

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