Main Hall Floor Demo

Big house day today, as we were looking to get the floor pulled up in the main hall. Here, Liz is tackling some ceiling demo prior to hitting up the floor.

The top layer of flooring came up pretty quickly and easily, in the vestibule area.

Liz spotted an old sticker, on the flooring we’re pulling up.

Lots of flooring (the thin top layer). I used a circular saw to cut a line in the middle of the room, and the act of shortening the lengths of wood really helped! This top layer came up much faster and easier than the living room!

Top layer removed. Now for the hard stuff.

Second flooring layer removed! I have to say, having Liz around was such a great, great thing. I worked on the living room solo, and each phase of the process was big and immensely difficult without help.

Here, we pulled up boards while working together with such ease, I found myself delighted at how fast we were moving. Also, as I was hauling out a lot of debris… Liz worked on pulling out nails and shop-vaccing the floor. A huge thing that, if I were working solo, would have been an additional day.

I can’t tell you how much it helped to have a second person around for this work, and to have Liz dig in to help move the process along. I was planning on two days to do all the work we actually banged out in a day. So all that’s left for me is to transfer the debris over to a Bagster (or two), and that’s it!

The floor looks so weird now.

An odd discovery: the space near the bunny closet (and fireplace) had no subfloor! I’m not clear how there wasn’t more of a dip to this area, as it’s seemingly missing at least an inch of flooring.

We may have to figure out how to address this area, as ti seems like it differs from the rest of the first floor.

Liz, posing for a photo. She had already tried to wipe off her face, and I was awed at how much dirt was still stuck on her person.

Me, with no small amount of sweat. This was a grueling day, but honestly… made so much better with Liz’s help. I had planned for several days of work, but we really jumped far ahead of my imagined schedule. I’ve got a solid day of loading up all the debris, but I’m now wondering if I might be able to squeeze in a day where I can relax and not do anything (work or house related). That sounds really nice.

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