An Odd Realization on a Day Off

I was up early today, and ended up not really having a lot to do for a change. As a treat, I decided to buy a new game and wasted a few hours just noodling around.

I ended up buying Factorio on Steam, and lost a good chunk of time stepping through the tutorials.

There’s an oddly satisfying aspect of this game, taking mundane tasks and finding ways to automate those processes to make them less manual. I feel like I’ve just scratched the surface, and there’s a lot more to learn before I can really get efficient at the more complex aspects of the game.

As I played more, I had this realization: this game is remarkably similar to coding. I’m trying to optimize repetitive tasks (functions), and enable processes to build off one another (composition). And there are literal freaking bugs that you have to squash, to prevent them from messing up your hard work.

Towards the afternoon, I felt like I was no longer playing a game. And instead, I was just experiencing a fancy (and pleasing) GUI for coding. And I was more or less programming, in game form.

To add to the nerd factor, I stopped playing for a while and began watching tutorial videos on how to play the game. A thing that I also found surprisingly relaxing and enjoyable.

Go figure.

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