First Floor Leveling, Day 1

We’re lucky to have Milton and Nick (L to R) working on our floors. Bob’s worked with them before on a few jobs, and the come highly recommended. Bob’s got an incredibly high bar for the quality of work he expects of those in the trade… so when he’s enthusiastic about someone, we know to pay attention.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have Nick and Milton helping us with our floors, and it wouldn’t be possible without the prior connection and relationship Bob had with these two.

The plan: they’ll be tearing up the remaiing subfloor, replacing it with a solid layer of plywood. And on top of that, they’ll be adding in a great deal of self-leveling underlayment. And then putting on yet another layer of plywood, creating a kind of solid sandwich.

And then on top of all that, our actual, new, hardwood floors. We’ve got some work to do between the leveling and final floor installation, but it’s all going to be happening in the next month and a half. It’s crazy to think about.

These guys work fast: several sheets down, and they screwed down a few placeholder pieces so we could walk safely across the rooms.

There were more sheets needed, so Liz suited up after work to paint another 7-8 boards.

New plywood leading into the living room.

There’s a continuous run between multiple rooms. It’s very surreal to see all this.

Plywood into the dining room.

Main Hall Floor Demo
Living Room Floor Demo, Day 1
Dining Room Floor Demo

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