First Floor Leveling, Day 3

More plywood work, with the living room almost 100%.

Bob did a ton of structural re-work in the basement, strengthening up several old joists. One joist had cracked/broken, and two others were tied into the broken joists (and not providing much support).

He also cleared out a lot of the fireplace, which came loose once he began strengthening up the floor.

The old bunny closet seems so far away, looking at this.

Each evening, there’s been a decent amount of clean-up work in the basement. Lots of debris, brick, and wood/joist leftover to be relocated and removed.

Perhaps I should have left it all dirty in the basement, for one final clean after all the work’s been done. But it felt more appropriate to clean each night, to make the basement a little less chaotic.

Each day, there’s just a bit less to do, in terms of cleanup. Which makes sense, the more plywood flooring that’s put down.

Next up: Nick says he’s going to seal up all the edges and seams between boards, in prepartion for the self-leveling underlayment. I recall him saying something like how we needed to seal up the floor “like a siwmming pool,” because if the self-leveling liquid finds a gap… it’s just going to pour right down into the basement like water.

Should be an exciting next few days.

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