First Floor Leveling, Day 6

The day has arrived! It’s time for the big pour! I can’t stress to you how big of a milestone this is for us. I know it’s an intermediate step, and we’re not even close to the final floor install… but to be at a point where the leveling is possible is incredibly exciting. It’s difficult to express how fantastic this moment/day feels.

A big mixer.

I had to be downstairs to wait for a repair guy (we had an issue with our gas dryer). Because the self-leveling underlayment needs a few hours to dry before it can be walked on… I needed to be downstairs the whole time.

I got to peek into the room from the first floor bathroom, and saw the first bit being poured. Craziness!

Good thing there was all that sealing done!

After Nick and Milton left, Bob and I wandered in through the front door to take a look at things. The self-leveling underlayment had spread out just shy of the front door.

Looking in on the main hall – still wet!

A few hours later, things dried enough to where we could walk across the floor. We made sure not to step on the very edges, as that was where it would be prone to crack.

Looking in to the main hall.

Looking in towards the vestibule and front door. Good thing the mail didn’t arrive any earlier.

Several pours.

Surprisingly, things didn’t go as far into the living room as we originally suspected.

This looks a bit like an abstract painting, on our floor. In a few more days, Nick and Milton will be putting yet another layer of plywood on top of this. And a few weeks after that, the final wood floor will go on top of it all.

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