First Floor Leveling, Day 7

Today, Nick and Milton put down some of the plywood on top of the self-leveling underlayment. This will end up creating a really solid sandwich, as there’s a layer of plywood underneath everything already.

Plywood leading from the dining room to the living room.

Looking into the living room.

The whole room is done!

A straight shot, from the living room to the dining room. I joked with Bob that I wanted to fire up some old episodes of Soul Train and walk up and down this section with Liz.

A thing we noticed: in the living room, there were several tubes of Liquid Nails, all with tap around the ends. At first, we were thinking they were partials, and wondered why that happened.

It took us a few moments, but we realized that Nick and Milton had pre-cut all the tubes of LiquidNails, so that they could just rip the tape off and use them (without needing to pause, cut, and break the seal on each one).

Talk about efficiency! The programmer in me loved seeing this.

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