Vintage Glider

Liz and I got a message from her dad early this AM. He wanted to “swing by” and drop off a birthday present that’s been sitting at the lake house for some time.

The front porch was a bit of a mess, so it was a good excuse for me to try to clear up a lot of debris. And to do a bit of reorganizing. Luckily, I got things mostly squared away before Kirt showed up.

Turns out, he had also repainted the whole thing! The glider also has a latch that lets the back fold down, converting the whole thing into a bed (in case you just got really comfortable and decided a full-on nap was required).

It was no small trek that Kirt made today, with a solid 3.5 hours one way to/from Chicago.

Our house continues to transform before our eyes, both inside and out.

Whitehall Lakehouse, Day 1
Porch Work, Yard Work

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