Vestibule Demo

Demo quarrantine!

In prepartion for getting drywallers to hang all the drywall in the main hall… there are a number of things we need to do. In various ceiling spaces/gaps, we need to add enough material to bring the ceiling level with the existing plaster.

My task tonight: demo out the plaster and lathe in the vestibule. Bob was going to look into repairing any joists in the spot, and we also need to build the area back up to match the adjoining ceiling.

Demo done.

A closer look at the damaged joist (which I discovered last year, when doing demo in the office space). The fire damage is right near where a light fixtured used to be, along with the old gas lines that fed into the light. It’s a small miracle this house (and all houses at the time) didn’t burn to a crisp with all the gas lighting inside.

New Door Frame for the Vestibule
Partial Office Floor Demo

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