Partial Patch, Part 1

A long, slow day for me… but I got a decent amount done. My task: patch the ceiling above the old bunny closet. I had some challenges trying to get these larger pieces positioned by myself (Liz helped me at one point).

A lot of the afternoon was me figuring out just how to go about cutting material to fit. I needed to add one layer of 1/2″ plywood, and then another 3/8″ lawyer of drywall on top of that.

I started to run out of drywall, so Liz suggested I hold off and switch to some of the smaller patch work that remained. I got mostly done with this area, but instead of pulling out a full 8′ sheet of drywall… decided to switch gears.

The ceiling area around the closet needed the same two layers of material. So given the scrap I had, this was a slightly more manageable task.

At this point, I had gotten a bit more comfortable with the process of measuring and cutting. There are a few spots that jut out a bit more, but I got this area patched as well as I could.

New Hall Closet Framed

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