Partial Patch, Part 2

I was thinking about doing absolutely nothing today… but realized it’s trash day. And putting the bins out meant it would be a good opportunity to clean up around the house, and get a lot of debris out. And if I was going to do that, I may as well suit up and get a little dirtier…

So I opted to continue working a bit, in the vestibule and hall.

Still punting on the drywall layer, but I ended up putting a layer of plywood around the cleared out vestibule ceiling (and the newly installed box for the light).

Liz mentioned a small hole that I had covered with tape in the main hall. Opened this up a bit more to expose the joists, and put in a patch here as well.

While I’ve been doing house work, Liz was upstairs hard at work on work work (she’s been putting in a lot of extra hours this weekend).

Around 5:45 PM, I set up this area for us downstairs to sit and plan out the next few weeks. There’s a lot of things Bob is working on, all of which needs to happen prior the drywall guys coming. And then the taper coming after that. And then Nick/Milton to do the actual, final floor install.

Liz and I tried to look at how things might shake out over the coming weeks, and have decided that pushing our original timeline back a week makes the most sense. We’ll see how this fares, but going to be some interesting scheduling and coordination in the coming weeks.

Which will end, ultimately and hopefully, in some very new, very amazing looking floors on the first floor. Big changes happening and forthcoming down here, very very soon.

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