Helicopters, Hyde Park

Liz called out to me from her office around noon. She asked if I had seen the email that went out to our neighborhood email list. Side note: we have a great email list for our block, and our neighbors are always posting up helpful news/info.

Today, this was one of the messages:

The helicopters you are hearing are from a police manhunt. A high speed chase ended at 55th and blackstone and is now a foot chase. 3 are in custody, 1 is at large, hiding in people’s backyards, and considered armed.

Stay inside and stay safe!

On seeing this, I ran downstairs. Bob was over working on the house, and I had been hearing him going in/out of both the front and back kitchen doors.

After making sure all the doors were closed and locked, that’s when I realized Bob was working on framing out our hall window. And there was this giant, enormous opening in the side of our house. So much for locking up everything!

I did a little digging around online, and found this Twitter thread. Turns out it was an armed robbery of a T-Mobile store that led to a high-speed chase, that then ultimately ended in Hyde Park (just about a block and a half from where we live).

A few moments later, Liz and Bob looking up to see if they can see any of the helicopters overhead.

Ultimately, the helicopters went away and I think they found all the suspects. Made for an exciting afternoon.

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