Rough House Night

Rough night tonight.

Both Liz and I are racing a lot with our work work, trying to get a lot of things done. All this week, we’ve had to force ourselves to stop at 5PM, despite having more work work looming.

Tonight, as we continued our work on the house, we argued a great deal. I wasn’t in a very good mood, and that made things much harder/difficult. Despite the progress we gained over the last few days in getting our backer board groove back, we lost most of it tonight. We argued a lot, and really didn’t get much done.

There’s a lot we’re trying to finish up before the drywall guys arrive, which added to our stress. Looming work work, on top of the house work, made for a rough night tonight.

Hall Backer Board, Continued
Hall Backer Board
Walls and Doors
Living Room Drywall Night

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