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There was street sweeping along our street this week, and a side effect of that has been my need to move our car around. After parking on a nearby side street, I spotted this sign.

At first, I saw the “Found” message and figured it was for a dog or cat that had run away. The more I stared at this, though, the more it kind of did this feedback loop thing in my head.

After putting up these signs, did the people who found the missing pet come back to remove the signs? Did the original owners get in contact with them? Did anyone ever get in contact with them? Is the found pet now a new family pet?

So many questions. So little closure.

And as a side note: any time I see a “missing pet” sign anymore, I automaticaly hear a soft voice whisper in my head: “Seek him as the leaves fall.”

Oh poor, sweet Bobo. Each time I remember him, it’s both hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Seek Him as the Leaves Fall
The Turtle Escaped
Nothing Found

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