Creating Space on the First Floor

One of the strong arguments against renovating your home while living inside it: the lack of available space. We’ve gotten used to shuffling things around, but things on the first floor are starting to get a bit cramped.

The bunnies are in the living room area for now. We’ve got drywall stored in various spots for the drywallers who are coming. And tomorrow, we have our actual wood flooring scheduled to be delivered.

Timing-wise, we were hoping to get the rockers (the industry term, according to Bob) to hang drywall over the weekend. Which would have reduced a lot of our need to shuffle things around. Sadly, the best laid plans of mice and men. We’ll be dealing with all the material across multiple rooms.

Carved a small area in the living room (which is essentially the bunny room for now).

All the working tools moved to one side of the dining room.

Making space for more storage. And to also provide a path for us to pull out a lot of drywall that’s been stored in the kitchen.

Sometimes, work isn’t work. Work is just moving things around.

Dining Room Shuffle and Drywall
The Basement Office Shuffle
The Basement Shuffle

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