Flooring Has Arrived

Our scheduled delivery was to be between 4-6PM. I called earlier in the morning to confirm, and was told that if I wasn’t contacted by 3PM to call back. Around 3:30 I checked in again, and they said the driver would be getting in touch wtih me soon.

A bit before 4PM, my phone rings. Driver says he’s 10 minutes away. Would have preferred a bit more lead time (today was a work day, and I had to break early), but oh well.

Bob was also over working on our place, and the two of us unloaded the truck when it arrived.

White Oak Flooring in the bunny area. The first few stacks weren’t too bad. But mid-way through, I definitely started to sweat a bit. All told we had about 37 bundles.

The other half, stored in the dining room.

Per Nick’s instructions (and we take his advice and warnings very seriously), we want the wood to sit and acclimate to the house/temps for about 2 weeks prior to install.

Timing-wise, we’d like to get all the remaining first floor drywall and taping done, before the floor is installed (to avoid dust/mess getting on the floor). It’s a bit of a push towards this goal, as there’s a lot still to be done.

But those stressors aside, the fact that we have our flooring physically here? The fact that we’re at this phase in the process, aiming to get actual new floors down… it’s really remarkable. It’s a tremendous milestone for us. And amidst the whirl and bustle of everything that has happened (and has yet to happen), it’s easy to lose track of that.

We’ve been in the process of removing and fixing things for a long, long time. We’re starting to do more addition than removal, and it’s a very different, exciting feeling. For us to start thinking about stylistic things (trim, wallpaper, good lord even furniture) is a very new thing.

A few more weeks, and we may be walking on even newer floors. Imagine that.

Creating Space on the First Floor

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