Main Hall, Now with Drywall

The rockers came during the week, while Liz and I both were upstairs working. I got to see some of the early work, but on walking down as they were packing up… the whole area looked completely different.

The main hall felt like a room again, and not a bunch of exposed studs. It was a very shocking thing to see.


Looking towards the living room.

In the main hall, looking West.

Near the vestibule, looking towards the stairs.

Amazing how much smaller the room feels now, with the drywall up.

Main hall, looking North.

Our newly framed window and new closet.

Looking into the dining room.

A few squabbles: at some points in the ceiling, the drywall guys missed the studs. They followed the washers I put up, but Liz and I went and rechecked a few places… and put up additional screws where they missed.

Also, these guys charge by the sheet (our rate was $12/sheet). The closet was filled with a lot of cut-offs, but many of these boards were twice as long. And were simply snapped in half and thrown in here.

Maybe it was done as a way to keep the trash small/contained. But there were a lot of large pieces that could have remained intact, and we could have used. Snapping everything seemed excessive when we could have re-used them in other parts of the house.

Liz, checking out some newly arrived wallpaper samples against our newly arrived walls.

Final Drywall Prep
Hall Backer Board, Continued
Hall Backer Board

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