New Old Windows

After a great deak of searching, Liz ended up pulling the trigger on a few new (old) windows. Surprisingly, both came from the same seller – and as part of the process, a guy transported them from Ohio to Chicago in his van.

A window for the vestibule area. It’s a pretty perfect fit (though it needs to be reframed). I think this was originally from a house in Chicago, then wound up in Ohio, and has now made its way back to Chicago. Where we hope it will remain, for a very happy, very comfortable long time.

A stained glass window, which will reside at the top of our stairs. While a lot of our work this years has been focused on the first floor, we’re trying to push that work up into the second floor. Getting this up there will really make it feel like we’ve turned a corner, progressing the work on the house up another level. Literally.

And, of course the window has rabbits. Would you expect anything less?

Looking Out the Window(s)

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