Taping the First Floor Hall

Our taper was over this morning, and did his first pass in the vestibule and main hall. Definitely looking more and more like a room.

Looking out the new temp window Bob set up for us.

Vestibule area a little cleaner.

Looking into the closet and hall.

Looking towards the living room.

The taper has two more trips over, to sand and smooth things down. In the meanwhile, we’re aiming to get what we can done in the first floor bathroom and stairs. It would be nice to get the rockers and tapers to handle those areas as well, but timing-wise we’ll see.

We’re very close to be able to start the actual floor install. The vestibule and hall have really undergone a transformation these last few weeks (and these last few days).

Main Hall, Now with Drywall
Final Drywall Prep

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