Back to the Doors

It’s been a busy time for both me and Liz with work work (though I’d argue she’s been markedly busier than me). As a result, Liz hasn’t done much additional house work beyond the critical stuff we need to get done.

She’s been working long hours, extra hours, evenings and weekends. There’s been a little bit of free time here and there, but it’s not been much.

Tonight though, she was able to have a night free of work. And started in on getting one of the pocket doors stripped.

It’s been a while now that we’ve removed almost all the doors on the first flooor. I don’t even know if I can envision what things will look like with them back in place.

Liz, looking over her work and the work that remains.

Walls and Doors
Restoring the Interior Hall Door, Continued

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