Doors and Windows and Floors

A lot of work happening today, on various fronts. Bob was over to reframe the big windows we have on our South wall. Liz continued her work on the pocket door in the basement, and I was a kind of free agent… focusing mostly on cleaning, but assisting where I could.

Liz, getting the pocket door back to its original form.

For my part, I was clearing away spots on the floor that were left by the taper. All across the plywood were various spots of dried mud… some of which I had to chisel away, and some of which I had to really grind at.

After clenaing up the master bedroom, we vowed to ourselves that we’d put down paper before the tapers came, to save ourselves the clean-up work.

We completely forgot about this promise.

A lot of spots were not too bad to clean (just chipping things away). But trying to smooth things down to an even level was definitely a pain in the butt.

The jeans I had on had a slight rip to them. And that rip got a little bit worse, every time I stopped down. Eventually, it got so bad that I was concerned about going outside (for fear I’d get some kind of indecent exposure fine).

I asked Liz for a safety pin, but she ended up going all MacGyver on me with some duct tape. Which, to my surprise, held up pretty well.

We’d been talking about having a fire for a few days now, and tonight was the first time we had a chance to. The weather dropped when the sun went away, but we got a little time and fire in, before retreating inside.

Taping the First Floor Hall
Main Hall, Now with Drywall
First Floor Leveling, Day 1

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