New Floor Install, Day 3

At the end of the third day of installation, our whole first floor is done! It’s an incredibly surreal experience to see this, and to walk from room to room. It really feels like a completely different house.

Main hall.

Standing in the vestibule, looking in. Look at that continuous floor.

Looking in to the dining room.

Dining room hearthstone, framed.

Looking from the dining room into the hall and living room.

Bob continued work on framing the bathroom window.

The floor just flows right in to the bathroom. I’m used to there being a slight step here, during the construction phase… and it’s still something I unconsciously do.

The view from the landing, looking down into the hall.

This really is an amazing thing, and a tremendous milestone for me and Liz. We’ve been working for a long, long time on the house and so much of that work has been subtractive in nature: demo and removal.

To be at a point where we are adding new things, shaping the house anew, is incredibly exciting. Every time I come down and stand in these rooms, it just takes my breath away.

I highly encourage you to click on the links below, to see some of the work that’s gone on in these rooms prior to the new floor we have today. What a remarkable transformation, what a difference.

First Floor Leveling, Day 1
Main Hall Floor Demo
Living Room Floor Demo, Day 1
Dining Room Floor Demo

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