Prepping the Living Room

After work, I spent some time getting primer on the living room ceiling and walls. A slow discovery: I really, really hate priming walls. And probably painting, too.

I thought I’d be ok with it, but there’s a patience and precision that I just seem to lack. Maybe it was my mental state this week, but I was just impatient, easily frustrated, and just angry at the whole process.

I eventually slowed things down, and was able to make better progress. I was envisioning trying to primer all three rooms, but it slowly dawned on me that I’d be lucky to just get one room done.

Liz, setting up some sample boards with stain to see what our floors should ultimately look like.

I got about halfway. Maybe if I had some pot and a whole day, I could have just taken my time and gone about things slowly. But I was trying to squeeze in some work on the house after a full day working at my job, and all I really wanted was to be done.

Part of me was just longing for something mindless like demo. I think adding primer is technically a mindless job, but I’m not yet skilled enough to where it’s mindless – I was messing up a lot, left and right.

New Floor Install, Day 3

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