Dining Room, Fireplace Discovery

Liz expanded her stain test pieces, still looking for what we want to do with the final floor stain.

As I was painting, Liz yelled out “Felix! Come over here!”

I thought there was a problem, but when I came by I saw this part of the fireplace exposed.

Liz was really excited. Underneath the mortar (which we suspect was just cement), there was an original fireplace we didn’t know about!

We’ve taken down so many walls, pulled up so many floors… there’s precious little left in this house that we haven’t touched or removed, in some way. And yet, somehow. Magically. This house still surprises us, even now.

Another original tile, peeking out from underneath.

This was really cool to see. And of course, I insisted on some video while Liz cleared out the remaining mortar.

Interesting side note: we got to visit the house next door a year or so ago, and Liz took a photo of their fireplace. This really seems to confirm that both houses were built at around the same time.

Side note 2: I can’t help but see a really excited robot face, shouting out its excitement. Once you see it, you can’t un-see it.

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