First Floor: Varnish 2

Nick and Milton returned today, to do one final pass of varnish on our new floor. We expect a third coat, but Nick wants to hold off on that until we finish up all the remaining construction/work on the first floor.

It’s hard to see, but I do feel like the floor is a touch darker than before.

It’s a challenge with these images, as we only end up coming downstairs well into the evening (we need to wait around 90+ minutes after Nick’s done to walk on the floor). We don’t really get to see the floor much in daylight, as it’s dark when we actually can walk around.

First Floor: Varnish 1
First Floor: First Floor: Staining
First Floor, Final Cleanup
New Floor Install, Day 1
First Floor Leveling, Day 1
Main Hall Floor Demo
Living Room Floor Demo, Day 1
Dining Room Floor Demo

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