Protecting the First Floor Floor

With the new floor installed, sanded, stained, and left alone for 72 hours… we’re now able to protect it with a layer of paper and masonite. We’ve got additional work to be done in these rooms, and the best thing we can do is protect the floor from any damage in the meanwhile.

A huge point that both Bob and Nick made to us: tape the paper to the paper, not to the floor. The chemicals from the tape will seep into the wood, and when you go to remove the tape… you’ll remove some of the stain as well. And while it can be repaired, you’ll always be able to tell something happened.

Tape the paper to the paper, tape the Masonite to the Masonite. No tape to the floor, ever.

Around noon, Bob stopped by to drop off several sheets of Masonite. I wasn’t quite ready to put all this down yet, but we got it in the house for later this weekend.

The living room, covered.

One thing we did put down immediately: masonite under where the temp stairs go. Bob helped me move this inside, and it was definitely nice to have a stable set of stairs to walk down again. Though we were getting pretty used to that step ladder.

Main goal for the day: paper and Masonite in the living room, enough to where we could bring the bunnies back. Towards the evening, I went out to bring Phineas and Daisy home.

Overall progress. Not quite into the dining room, but almost there.

First Floor: Varnish 2
First Floor: Varnish 1
First Floor: First Floor: Staining
First Floor, Final Cleanup
New Floor Install, Day 1
First Floor Leveling, Day 1
Main Hall Floor Demo
Living Room Floor Demo, Day 1
Dining Room Floor Demo

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