Protecting the First Floor Floor, Continued

Put in time today in the dining room, also trying to get paper and Masonite down to protect our new floor.

Part of what I did was bring up the table saw, and to do some custom cuts of Masonite. I’m overlapping boards in a few places, but ultimately I’d like to just have a single, smooth surface.

Cutting a large sheet of Masonite by myself was… challenging. It wasn’t heavy, just difficult to handle (think: big, floppy paper).

Cutting masonite ended up producing more debris than I thought it would. Glad we have these boards down, because any mess is something I want to clean up right away (I have concerns about things getting down to the paper and damaging the floor).

Eventually, we’ll want to start doing more work here. And possibly even relocate Liz’s desk here as well.

Protecting the First Floor Floor
First Floor: Varnish 2
First Floor: Varnish 1
First Floor: First Floor: Staining
First Floor, Final Cleanup
New Floor Install, Day 1
First Floor Leveling, Day 1
Main Hall Floor Demo
Living Room Floor Demo, Day 1
Dining Room Floor Demo

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