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After my initial foray with Stadia Pro… it’s not really seeming all that worth it to me.

I’ve played around a lot with Destiny 2. I enjoyed it, and so far that’s been the best part of Stadia (but it’s currently free, and doesn’t require any subscription). That said, I wasn’t paying close attention to the cut scenes and am finding a lot of Destiny 2 to be pretty confusing.

It feels weird to say that. While I’m not a hardcore gamer, I do feel like I’ve played my fair share of video games. And I definitely do feel pretty lost with all the icons, and the UI in general.

As for the games that become available once you get a subscription to Stadio Pro? I’m so-so on them. I’ve encountered some bit of lag and pixellation, which is to be expected… but I’m finding my tolerance for that seems to be fairly low, given that I’m a “subscriber.”

Also, the games themselves are… fine. I was thinking I’d have a Thanksgiving weekend chock full of games to choose from, and I’ve mostly gone through all of them. And most have only kept my interest/attention for maybe 30 minutes, max.

While not a direct comparison, it does feel a bit like that trip to Nickel City Arcade.

I’m not sure how I feel about paying for this subscription and then also buying a newer video game to play. Maybe. There would have to be some really compelling game for me to want to play.

My Macbook Pro won’t really cut it for games. And paying $9.99 a month to get sometimes choppy/pixellated gameplay kind of feels like the same thing (minutes the sound of fans).

I have until the end of December to cancel my first month, which is the trial period and before billing kicks in. Maybe there will be better free games next month.

Playing Around with Stadia
Visiting Nickel City Arcade, Family Entertainment Center

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