Oil and Lock

Liz texted me earlier tonight to come down to the basement, to see the work she’s done on the pocket door. When I walked in, I was surprsied to see the door, gleaming.

She’s putting on a layer of linseed oil on this side of the door. And I can only imagine, after over a century of neglect, this door must be feeling some degree of relief and revitalization.

What’s striking is what the wood looks like along the side (where she hasn’t gotten to apply the oil yet). Most of this is going to soak in over time, but it’s still a very surprising contrast.

Liz popped out the lock with a paint key, and was able to position some hardware in its place. She’s been scouring the Internet for probably five years now, looking to find hardware that matches what we have on a few of our doors… and is looking to put in those finds on every door in the house.

Liz Back on the Door
New Old Hardware

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