Prepping the Dining Room Walls and Ceiling

Today, Liz and I worked on prepping the dining room for primer. We should have heeded the advice of Bob and our drywall guy, and gotten the room primed much earlier (back when we got the room taped and sanded). But here we are.

Before priming, we wanted to repair any dings and sand any areas that needed help. While I shop vacced the walls and ceiling, there was still a considerable amount of drywall dust on all the surfaces. And so we set out to clean things up by hand.

I tackled the ceiling while Liz focused on the walls. When I spotted an area that needed patching, she came over with the mud.

Liz, tackling the vestibule area.

We spent a good number of hours in the dining room and vestibule. After the mud had a chance to dry, we did another pass of the room and sanded things down, and wiped it all down with damp sponges (again).

It may be hard to prove, but the room actually looks smoother and cleaner, after we worked on it. Things are definitely in a better state for primer, after us taking the time to wipe down the ceiling and walls.

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