Holder Makes Holders

With Liz nearing the completion of this phase of the pocket door restoration, she needs to relocate it. Thing is, as you can see in the photo below, this door has a stopper sticking out one side of it. And the whole thing is too tall to be stood, upright, in the basement.

Bob brought over a contraption he built, which allows the storage of doors safely on their side. Liz looked over these pieces and, using them as a guide, went about recreating them so she had another set for the pocket door.

I was upstairs working on work work today (catching up a bit from the week), but she spent her time in the basement doing a ton of stuff: clearing away debris, reorganizing, and also building these bad boys. Which involved some angled cuts and a bit of table saw work.

It’s easier when we have a good template to work off of, from Bob. But I like that Liz identified a need, and just figured “I’ll just make some more.”

The other side of the pocket door, soaking up a bit of oil.

Oil and Lock

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