New Humidifier in the Basement

We were fortunate to have Bob over today, who stayed late into the evening to finish the humidifier install to our downstairs furnace. With the cold weather kicking in and the air getting dryer, there was a concern that the new first floor flooring would suffer for it.

The humidifier unit has its own bit of water coming in, and helps add moisture to the air that then gets sent out throughout the first floor.

Check out the custom duct work, tapping off the supply plenum on the right, and then wrapping around to feed the humidifier.

We continue to be incredibly fortunate to have this level of work on our HVAC, which is seen in all the custom duct work that’s been done for us in the basement.

The water only kicks on when the furnace is running. And there’s also a drain, that sends the excess water out with the condensate. It’s nice to have this before the winter gets too much further, and adds to the continued improvements to our first floor.

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