The Wallings Jr.: Before the War

I recently thought about a song I really liked, that I hadn’t heard in a long while: “On the Edge of Morning,” by The Wallings Jr.

I thought they were on Spotify once upon a time, but perhaps not. When I went searching and couldn’t find their music… it made me look them up again. Here’s a bit of history behind their album:

I liked their music a great deal, and ended up buying the album so I could hear it again. It’s been a long time since I’ve actually purchased music, so I hope it’s a testament to how much I liked the album that I did something like this.

I don’t think they’re putting out any music any more, which is a bit sad. Though if I had my hunch, they’re still singing and performing… just not commercially. Which is a shame. I liked their sound and songs, and always thought they should have gotten more attention than they did.

You can listen to the whole album on bandcamp. And if, like me, you liked it… consider buying it.

The Wallings Jr.: On the Edge of Morning

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