Advent of Code

I was a bit late to start, but decided to try some of the coding challenges this year at Advent of Code.

Each day there’s a puzzle that needs to get solved. You’re given an explanation of the issue, the rules, and an input source that’s generally just a text file with a bunch of data. There are two puzzles to each day’s questions, and you get a star for each one you solve.

I’ve tried to do some of these in my spare time, outside of work. Sadly, I’m a bit behind and it’s been harder to keep motiviated the further behind I get. I also realize that my “outside of work” relaxation involves code for imaginary problems that don’t exist. It’s technically me “unwinding from work,” but kinda not?

I have found the exercises pleasureable. but am starting to doubt whether I’d actually catch up. The overall goal I think is to have something fun to do over the holiday season, and it’s started to feel like a task/chore I need to complete. Which kind of defeats the purpose for me.

We’ll see, though. I’ve enjoyed what little I’ve done so far, and may still try to bridge the gap before Xmas arrives.

Helping with the Advent Display at St. Elizabeth Seton Church
A Long, Indulgent Code Day

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