Revisiting Logan Square

Liz and I were out running errands today, and centered most of our activity around Logan Square. We ended up parking by our old apartment, and walked to New Wave for some coffee. Sadly, still no tree in the courtyard.

Hard to believe the last time we were in the area was in August. And before that… perhaps in 2019 for me? That seems wrong and a little crazy.

There was an odd mixture of concern and monotony, being out and about. I’ve tended to stay home as much as possible, avoiding being out unless absolutely necessary. But we had errands that really couldn’t be done without us going in person.

At times, I found myself getting bored and being done with being around people. At other times, I remembered why everyone had on a mask and got even more uncomfortable being around people. Even after all this isolation, I don’t find myself craving crowds; it’s the same feeling: get away, get home.

Add to that the melancholic feeling of the above sensation, in a neighborhood I once used to call home. With “home” now being some place, farther away.

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