Removing Rust with Electrolysis, Part 2

Second attempt with a newer car battery charger. This took a lot of finagling, as Liz tried a few different connections before things started going.

The theory is that the charger is “smart” and attempts to auto-detect the type of battery being charged. After a bit of trial and error, bubbles started to appear and Liz’s rust removal process kicked into gear.

Several hours in the bath is just the start of the work. After each grate is taken out of the bath it’s scrubbed clean in the sink, brushed again in the basement with a steel brush (in all the nooks and crannies), then given some oil, then the whole grate is heated on the grill, then brought back inside brushedit’s heated (out on the grill), then brought inside to have a layer of wax applied, and then baked again.

The whole process for prepping and cleaning each grate is actually incredibly time-intensive.

More grates, more baths. The mucky water is proof that the rust is most definitely coming off. Gross.

Removing Rust with Electrolysis, Part 1

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