Vase and Plug, Trial and Error

I’ve been having fun with my Ender 3 Pro, trying out various things I’m coming across on Thingiverse. This one is a spiral vase that I happened across, looked nice in black, and I decided to give it a whirl.

Getting from design to object involves converting the STL file over into a GCODE file. I’m using Cura to handle what I understand to be the “slicing” work – settings for the layers and how much to actually print out.

Bottom looks pretty good!

Pretty cool design.

I should note that the vase (above) is attempt #2. Because the first attempt, my settings were way off. Attempt #1is the one in the middle there, and it’s super, super solid. What technically was a vase ended up a spiral, solid object.

You can see the hole is plugged up, in the middle. Oops.

Turns out what I needed to do was use vase mode, which doesn’t fill the object completely. Attempt #2 printed in markedly less time, and I was able to go slightly bigger in size (I think the actual model is maybe twice as big as what I did here).

When Bob was here last, installing our new humidifier, the plastic piece that connected the humidifier to the plastic tubing ended up breaking. He fixed it with some crazy glue, but at the time… it made me wonder if a design for that particular plastic piece existed somewhere online.

Turns out – the answer is yes! And today I was able to make it!

Well, that is to say I made it on my second attempt. After I turned “vase mode” OFF. Because the first attempt I still had it on, and the result os on the left there. Oops.

Second time though, the piece came out better.

Underside is a little off here and there. But nothing too terrible.

The front/top though looks like a champ. We don’t really need this, since our broken part is fixed. But it’s nice to know that if I never needed it, I’ve got a replacement handy. And I didn’t need to pay for it or wait for it to ship. If I ever need a new one, I’d just print one out!

And I guess… if you ever need one, for some reason, let me know!

Setting up the Ender 3 Pro
New Humidifier in the Basement

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