Winterizing the Kitchen, East Wall

Liz and I are both on vacation, and we’ve been doing this one day on one day off kind of thing. One day focusing on the house, another day relaxing and doing our own stuff.

While we both sorely need the decompression time, it’s helpful for us to also keep chipping away at the house bit by bit.

Today, I was focusing on improving the East wall in our kitchen, behind the sink. While we had some ok insulation in the area, I wanted to foam up any gaps and also throw some more Visqueen across things.

One casualty from my work: I didn’t move this vase off the windowsill, and ended up breaking it. :(

A lot of prep work today: moving lots of items out of the drawers, undoing the pipes underneath the sink, moving the sled out of the way.

Then to the actual work: foam along a lot of the floorboards, as that’s where a lot of the leaks were sneaking in. Then more cuts of insulation into any remaining spots. Then the Visqueen, and then a bit of temp drywall near the bottom.

While I was focused on the kitchen, Liz continued her work cleaning more grates. And also prepping lots of door trim pieces.

We both had a very full, very long day today. Starting around 10:30 AM, I don’t think I really stopped until 7:30 or 8PM. The two of us put in a full work day today, on our day off.

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