Protestors Storm Capitol Building

[Photo: John Minchillo/AP]

Today, I was transfixed by the images that appeared on my computer screen. Pro-Trump protesters marched from a rally to the Capitol building, and eventually pushed past baricades and US Capitol Police and forcefully entered the building.

[Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images]

Legislators were evacuated and took shelter in different parts of the building, while pro-Trump supporters walked onto the floors of the Senate chambers and into private offices.

I’m writing this recap as a snapshot of time. For a personal website that’s been updated for several years, it would be remiss to not record today’s singular events, and the impact it’s had on me as I observed events unfolding.

Five people died as a result of the riot, including a member of the US Capitol Police.

I’ve been unable to pull myself away from news reports and the Internet, as more information becomes available about the day’s events. I am incredibly shaken, and incredibly disturbed by all that I’ve seen.

// Edit: It’s been about two days since these events transpired, and I still feel a cloud looming over every hour. There is a deep sense of sadness and trepidation that’s taken over, similar to what I felt when the Coronavirus first began to appear in the US. There is a lot of uneasiness, and a lot of waiting.

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