Revisiting the West Wing (Again)

Liz and I have gone through (yet again) the whole West Wing show, start to finish. I want to say we do this maybe once a year… and once we get going, we go all the way through.

I guess sometimes we stop, prior to the Santos/Vinnick storyline, as that starts to delve a bit into post-Sorkin seasons. And the earlier work is by far our favorite.

Odd thing – it was reliably available on Netflix for a while, and then switched over to HBO. Luckily we have access to both, and just kept on going.

I’d say aside from this, Sherlock is our other favorite to re-watch. Though I really do wish there were more seasons of it, beyond the few that are available.

I’m getting to a point where I think I could start to recite several episodes from memory. Maybe not quite verbatim yet, but give it a few more years.

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