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Our Comcast bill is pretty high. And while we’ve been customers a while, any upgrade we might attempt would result in increasing our bill even more.

We don’t watch much TV and stream our media exclusively. So it’s pretty much 100% Internet.

After doing some digging around, it seems like AT&T has a better setup and for less money. Even after the introductory 12 month period, we’d still be saving money and increasing our speed. So easy decision there.

When the technician arrived, I ran into a snag: I thought I’d be able to have him leave us a super long bit of line, and we could relocate the outlet down the line.

Turns out with Fiber, they have to expose the wire when it’s inside (which is made of glass). It’s very fragile, and they have to contain it all within a box that gets mounted to a wall.

Once installed, there’s no easy way to move it around again. I mean, there is if you’re careful… but a slight bend the wrong way, and I think there would be issues.

Ideally, we’d run the line into the basement, then up some conduit that we have that would feed into the future office area on the second floor. But that’s a ways away, and we don’t really have power yet in that section of the house.

After a lot of debating (and an incredible amount of patience on the side of the technician), I landed on having it just come in the East side of the house, directly into where my computer is currently located, on the second floor.

It’s not a permanent location, but it likely won’t change in the near future – and it’ll serve for now.

Detail of some fancy happenings with the fiber line, once it’s outer sheathing is removed.

Hard to believe that so much data can come through something so small.

I have to say – I’ve never quite had speeds like this before. Cable was a huge jump for me, and this is an even bigger once.

I used to be an AT&T customer nearly a decade ago, and was with them for a very long time. Feels odd to be back, and doubly so to compare the speeds I’m getting now versus then.

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