Reviving the Cedar Chest

While I was working on winterizing the first floor a bit more, Liz was down in the basement reviving a cedar chest she had purchased via Facebook.

Note the difference in the wood from where Liz did and didn’t work!

The inside, sanded and cleaned – and incredibly smooth to the touch. I learned a bit about cedar chests from Liz, and how you need to sand the inside a bit to open up the wood pores to release the wood’s scent. Which will keep all the bugs and moths at bay.

The oil and color reviver Liz used on the front and back of the chest.

Important tip from Liz: you don’t want to finish or seal the inside of the chest, as that would seal in the natural scent of the wood. And pretty much defeat the purpose of using a cedar chest to keep the bad bugs at bay.

Back view.

Front view, revived.

Liz has better photos on her Instagram account that really show off her progress a lot better. Worth checking out!

Oil and Lock

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