Backgammon Gammon

Took this photo to document the absolutely brutal thrashing I endured, with Liz beating me yet again in backgammon.

For the most part, Liz tends to win our games. I get a few here and there. And we’ve upped things to where we play to a certain number of points. But for the most part, she usually wins.

We’re still novices, and counting our moves out loud and moving our pieces step by step. It’s a bit like elementary school kids doing basic addition with their fingers. I think, over time, we’ll get used to the spaces and the board.

We’re also learning the terminology. I think we ended up happening was a “gammon” – in that Liz got all her pieces borne off while none of mine were. Technically a “backgammon” is when one person gets all their pieces borne off, while the other still has a piece within the opponent’s inner quadrant (or on the bar).

It came close to a backgammon, but I think this ended up just being a gammon. Though I suspect I’ve got that to look forward to in my future.

Late Night Backgammon

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