Snowfall at Midnight

We’ve gotten a ton of snow over the course of the evening, with even more expected to come down overnight. Liz offered to help shovel a bit tonight, to help get a headstart on all the accumulation.

This was late at night, with no one else about and the whole neighborhood eerily and blessedly silent. Just the quiet sound of snowfall coming down and down.

By the time I stepped outside to look at things with Liz, enough snow had come down to almost make it seem like she didn’t clear anything at all.

The birdbath snowcake continues to grow.

For perspective, Liz standing on the other side of our yard. Which is technically at this point just one gigantic snowbank.

Liz, moments before she would say to me “Come over here for a second.”

Liz, moments after saying “Come over here for a second.” And then failing to pull me into the snowbank.

I hope you’ll notice a second, Liz-shaped indentation in the yard there on the left. Where another attempt to pull me into the snow clearly failed.

Liz ventured into the backyard, to wander and gaze at the truly massive amounts of snow that have built up over the last few weeeks.

I’ve cleared our porch a few times over the course of the last few storms, but gave up after the last big one. It’s pretty well covered.

Looking to our neighbor’s back porch. The mound of snow there is from me trying to clear a small area/path by the back of our house, over the last few weeks.

Somewhere under there is a bench. And our fire pit.

Our cellar door, hidden from view.

A view of the backyard (I assure you it’s there), from our kitchen door. It really looks like we’ve officially lost the garden boxes to the snow.

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